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Since the Freeview service was launched in 2002, it's become a hugely popular way for people to access TV programming. With more than 80 digital channels available for view, along with more than 30 radio stations, there's a lot of programming content to enjoy. And it's simple to install a basic Freeview system in your own home. However, while that basic system is easy to get up and running, if you have more complicated we are here to assist you.

About Freeview Digital

Unlike satellite TV, which requires the installation of a special satellite dish, Freeview digital TV can work straight out of the box, providing you already have a UHF aerial or antenna set up. Making the switch to digital TV gives you an incredible boost in the quality of your TV sound and vision, and gives you access to dozens of new TV and radio stations, too, including over a dozen high-definition TV stations. The Freeview system is surprisingly inexpensive, especially since the standard Freeview package doesn't require a subscription. More than 80 TV and 30 radio stations, for no more than your standard license fee, along with excellent signal strength and picture quality, means your viewing options and enjoyment is considerably expanded.


In addition, you can opt to upgrade your base Freeview package with a service like YouView, which adds extra stations such as Sky Sports, ESPN, and Home, for a subscription fee. An alternative way to access Freeview is via hybrid broadband TV, which you can use to access computer-based services via your flat screen TV.

So, there are multiple ways to access all the benefits of Freeview digital TV—which means you have some choices to make. If you need advice on selecting a Freeview package, don't hesitate to contact us for help. We don't just install and repair Freeview systems, we can also discuss your programming package options to help you put together a viewing package.

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