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Freesat Satelite

Freesat Satelite

Freesat Services in Bury & Surrounding areas
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Freesat Satellite Installation

Freesat is a satellite version of the digital Freeview TV package. It combines Freeview's large bundle of digital TV and radio channels with the superior audio and visual quality that satellite TV provides. With more than 200 free to air TV and radio channels, including over a dozen high definition TV channels, Freesat offers great value.

       Freesat SD

 Freesat SD is the standard Freesat package, providing access to      over 200 TV channels and radio stations. They're all free to access, after the one-time purchase of the Freesat box and satellite dish installation. The newer Freesat systems also include a number of smart features, such as the ability to catch up on recent TV programming on demand, to pause and rewind live TV, and to set up recording, even if you're not at home, using a mobile app.

Freesat HD

With Freesat HD, you get all the advantages of Freeview and Freesat SD, and you'll also be able to enjoy the benefits of high definition TV. The Freeview service offers over a dozen high definition channels, which are free to view just like the standard definition programming. Viewers need a HD-compatible TV to view in high definition, which offers a clarity and depth of detail that's unmatched

Sky Freesat

Sky offers an alternative method of accessing Freesat, which can be used alone or bundled with Sky's subscription TV service. The Sky Freesat service provides an even greater array of TV and radio channels, plus a number of interactive features.

Multi-room Systems

Families and a wide range of businesses can benefit from the installation of a multi-room Freesat system. A multi-room system allows multiple users to enjoy satellite viewing independently, making it the perfect solution for a large family, or for a commercial or non-profit enterprise such as a hospital, hotel, or residential building.

One particular advantage of these systems is that while multiple users can watch independently, a central control system enables the ability to monitor the viewing habits of other users, or to restrict certain channels from use. For instance, parents can easily enable channel restrictions on all TVs in the house, and monitor what their children are watching.

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